I'm Krista and I'm helping women who are ready to design their new future … they can live the life they've always wanted, 100% on their own terms, this time around!

I'm really glad you're here!  I'm super passionate about helping women like you design their ultimate dream life after separation or divorce.

I was helping people design their dream lives as an architect for 15-years, but I saw that the big house & fancy stuff didn't make them happy.

And now as a coach, I'm helping women that are tired of just surviving, and are ready to really LIVE and thrive, design their dream life in the way they always wanted it to be!

So maybe you're here because you're separated or went through a difficult divorce and are now faced with rebuilding your life from the ground up.  I know first hand how daunting a task that can be.

I got ya!

Krista Young Coaching

Maybe you have the regular stresses of your career & parenthood PLUS now you're the sole income earner for the 1st time for you & your kids!

Plus, even though you might want to find love again ... well, someday ... you'd rather get your feet on the ground than just date someone for companionship.

Perhaps you want to do things differently this time; stop making the same mistakes that you've already made over & over again. And the thought of ending up in another narcissistic or emotionally abusive relationship is almost enough to keep you celibate!

It's time to change your trajectory

You've given your heart & soul to the kids and your ex for so long that you lost yourself somehow.

But now you've been given an amazing gift - the gift of a fresh start.  The chance to rebuild your life from scratch. You can do it all again.  And this time you can do it your own way, without anyone stopping you!

It's time to prioritize YOU

I bet you'd like to quit worrying about the kids and your ex so much, stop stressing 24/7, kick your anxiety to the curb, and finally sleep through the night.  Am I right?

I've lived like that and it's miserable.  So how about we get to work on you so that you can be happy on the daily, feel FREE mentally & emotionally, have time for yourself, the kids & love the skin you're in.

It's time to live differently

It's time to change your future!

It's time to INVEST in YOURSELF!

I'm READY to prioritize myself RIGHT NOW!

Women's Divorce Coaching

Find Your Happy Place Program

Helping career focused women who are separated or divorced and struggling to get their mojo back, to rebuild their lives, and design their future 100% on their terms!

Maybe you want to . . .

✨ Gain clarity around divorce and know how to create happiness in your personal as well as professional life

✨ Know definitively what you can & can't control in your relationship

✨ Understand what's making you unhappy in your relationship

✨ Figure out what's draining your energy

✨ Stop getting your feelings hurt 'so easily' by your partner or others

✨ Stop looking for things like a new house, food, drinks, partying, vacations, money, or other people, to make you feel better about yourself

✨ Stop looking to your partner for reassurance that you're enough or your relationship is okay.

✨ Stop putting the kids & your spouse's needs first and sacrificing your own

 ✨ Know how to truly love yourself

✨ No longer feel burdened or overwhelmed by your career and personal life

✨ Be able to stop stressing, worrying, and losing sleep over what might happen to your kids in a divorce

✨ Stop acting over-confident to mask how you really feel inside

✨ Stop feeling ignored or unimportant around others because you know your worth

✨ Prioritize quality time and being with loved ones over career & money

✨ Know what you want and need in a romantic relationship and what's missing in yours

✨ Stop 'phoning it in' or hoping things will magically get better in your marriage, and start taking the steps to finally be happy

If you're saying, "That sounds ahh-mazing, but how is this possible?"

‚Üď Find out here ‚Üď

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*The terms divorce & marriage are used generally throughout and aren't intended to exclude persons in any stage of a relationship, single, divorced or never married.


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