I'm Krista, a Women's Divorce Empowerment Coach

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Whether you're married & thinking about divorce, going through a divorce now, or already divorced and still stuck in the muck, I support women in finding their voice, gaining clarity, and creating an amazing new future.  In a way that feels right to them!


YOU GET TO DECIDE your future and what makes YOU happy!

... and that could mean staying in the relationship, if that's what you decide to do!


Since every one, and every situation, is different, I merely guide you down the path of empowerment, so you can make the right decision for you & your kids.


Our primary purpose is to support you on your journey.

We don't push you toward divorce, nor push you toward staying.


Want to know what choices you have?

Want to be ready to make decisions about YOUR future? Then...


Let's get started!


I'm ready, show me the way!

Women's Divorce* Empowerment

A 12-week personalized 1:1 coaching program

We use a simple

6 step system called

The 6-Stepping Stones Method to 

Find Your Happy Place in Life 

It's time to let go of the past and embrace the future! 

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*The term divorce is not intended to be exclusionary - you can be married and want to stay married!  Please inquire with any questions.


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