I’ll share my story (and a cup of coffee) while you get comfy.

Hi, I'm Krista. Welcome!

That's me and my beautiful 8-1/2 year old daughter! 💕 We have four amazing & lovable rescue cats (that # could go up tomorrow🙀) that we can't get enough of.  I admittedly swear sometimes and am ridiculously committed to helping career focused women, that look great on paper, understand when they deserve better in their personal lives!  I'm guide them to gain clarity around divorce, so they can live a wholly fulfilling life that truly lights them in their career and at home!  You see, I learned the hard way that just because you're successful in your career doesn't mean you're successful in marriage! So I want you to know whole-heartedly, that having success in your career or business isn't all that life is about, and that you're worthy and deserving of having love, peace, joy, and …  just plain being all-around happy!

I'm a certified coach & consultant (High Conflict Divorce & Wayfinder Life Coach), dedicated to helping women just. like. you.

I’ve been doing this *thing* for over 5-1/2 years and have been obsessed with learning about all things ‘self-help’ since Junior High.  Now I'm having hard conversations with successful women around how to TRULY be happy & find joy in their life, 360° worth, whether married, single, or divorced.  They're the discussions that few are having … but all women should.


And not just in a condescending "I know, hun" kind of way, either.  

Because being happy isn't just about putting a smile on your face or faking it.  It's about fully embracing and embodying true joy in your life, and how you do that is first by loving yourself.  I survived some serious life struggles, and you certainly will get through any difficulties, too!

I’ve done the - watch your married friends post fun-filled tropical family vacation pics on IG and FB - while you're working again that weekend, but would rather be at the office then at home where things aren't comfortable. You and your partner lack intimacy and true connection, and it's just not fun anymore!  Been there and done that, too!

At the same time, you worry that you'll never regain the awesomeness💃🏼 that attracted your partner to you way-back-then.  Because at some unknown point, things crossed an invisible line and you no longer felt deserving of romance or intimacy in your relationship.  You minimized your needs to yourself, and while your  work success & paycheck trigger your brain to feel like you're an amazing, smart, and beautiful person ...

… You wonder, “If I’m so great, then why do I feel lonely in my marriage, still wanting more despite my success, and feeling so much guilt & shame about myself?"

Breathe, Momma.  I got you.


Coach Krista (current)
Counselor Krista (High School)

Turbo (Architecture)

AGE:  49 😬

LIVING IN:  Scottsdale, AZ

I have 4 gray + white rescue babies:
🐈 Cruisey-9 🐈 Dr. Pepper-2

🐈 Journey-2 🐈 Monkey-1

WOMAN CRUSH:  Gwyneth Paltrow

MAN CRUSH Tom Cruise - Top Gun style


EXPERT IN:  Helping women find their happy place too!

I SPEAK:  Truth + Common sense

COFFEE:  With cream - or - Venti Latte.

Personal Growth
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SECRETLY:  Reality show junkie + Romantic (shhh!)

REFORMED:  Anxiety Addict & Red Wine-o


Before becoming a divorce and life coach, I was a successful architect who became well-versed in the no-so-great art of boss-pleasing over the course of many years.  When   started my own business, I was guilty of client-pleasing.  These things slowly degraded my self worth, and while married, I prioritized my husband's wants & needs over my own.  I *thought* if I just did more at home, or earned more money in business, he’d love me the way I wanted.  Spoiler alert … he never did!  Instead, I ended up burying my feelings in a bottle of red wine every night.

Eventually I went to therapy and it was 'suggested' that I seek sobriety.  After 18-months of being sober, doing a ton of self-work (which created massive confusion in my already shaky marriage), and help from supportive loved ones, I surrendered and stopped doing all the weird shit I *thought* I should do, and filed for divorce.  I finally put everything I learned from my team of coaches, therapists, loving friends and family members, into cultivating self-confidence + prioritizing ME.  Feeling liberated, I left my 15-year architecture career to build a divorce + life coaching business from scratch.  I’ve turned my personal difficulties from the past into my SUPERPOWER for the future.  

Now I’m showing successful career women like you how to stabilize your personal relationships.  I help you re-build a strong foundation of self-worth and guided intention to stand on, understand what you deserve, let go of the past, embrace the future, and do this damn thing called LIFE!

drop the mic ...


Whether you're married & contemplating divorce, going through it now, or are done with the divorce process itself, if you're still stuck and just not having fun in your life anymore, I'm glad you're here!

Because now you're frustrated because you have the money to be swinging in a hammock on an island in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, but you still can’t seem to figure out how to wholly live life or how to 'get there'.  UGH!

But it’s not your fault.  It really isn't.  Because you haven’t been taught how to LIVE IN THIS WORLD.

We’re taught to make ourselves happy by changing things around us - working hard, climbing the ladder, making more money, having important people around us, buying stuff - but a big house, a million dollars, and knowing a few celeb's, won't do it.

Being TRULY HAPPY is when a real human with flaws and past experiences, learns to LIVE IN an imperfect world exactly the way it is.  A happy life doesn’t happen by changing the world or people around to fit YOU.

But instead of admitting what's wrong and asking for help, we're taught to eat 'this' kind of food, buy 'this' type of house, in 'this' area of neighborhood, shop for 'these' things (we don't need), and drink (lots of alcohol) to be merry.  And that’s why there’s so much divorce and violence, and so many unhappy people in the world.

#bedifferent #behappy


‘Cause I don’t give a rats-ass what your job entails.  Nor do I care what your title is, or how many 'friends' or 'followers' you have on Facebook or Instagram.  Because if you have no idea how be happy without trying to change everything & everyone around you, then you’re gonna end up in the same unhappy place whether you're married or divorced, dating or single.


▶︎ Getting frustrated by little things & irritated by everything.

▶︎ Dreading weekends when the kids are with you (it’s too hectic), or they aren’t with you ('cause you’re too lonely).

▶︎ Searching for relief from your personal life in drinking, shopping, gambling, relationships, sex, etc.

▶︎ Being judgmental and annoyed by your spouse or partner.  Ugh!

▶︎ Feeling stressed & overwhelmed because there's ALWAYS too much to do!

▶︎ Feeling like your kids are always pulling at you, and people are always asking for something of you, and never giving you anything.

▶︎ Never feeling like you have enough time for work, time for yourself, or time for your kids.  What gives?


“Then how do I find happiness, Krista?  I just need this new job, to be paid what I'm worth, for business to pick up, this one sale to go through, or for my partner to change XYZ and treat me right.  And THEN, yes THEN, everything else will magically fall into place! 🌈🦄🌦️


(Yes, that's a nod to Top Gun 🛩️)

I’m not a coach that'll make you feel better when you refuse to get honest with yourself, or hold your hand when your partner keeps calling the shots in their favor and you just follow along (that was me - I didn't want to rock the boat!)

Why?  Because these things aren't ok.  And this isn’t just about going to yoga to make yourself feel better, drinking a green drink each morning, or getting up at 5a to do your stuff so you can take care of everyone all day, which makes you happy.  I call Bull-**it on that.

This is about believing in yourself, gaining awareness around your part in all the mayhem, and knowing how to confidently deal with real life when it gets ‘lifey.’  This is about living with intention, knowing your core values, and letting them run the show, instead of being distracted by shiny objects, people pleasing, or taking the path of least-resistance sacrificing your wants & needs, all the time.


It's about knowing when to pause so you can be thoughtful in your response.  When to walk away before a disaster happens (but not so soon that you miss the miracle).  It's about being able to teach people how to treat you, because you know your worth.

So no, everything will not just fall into place as long as you're still carrying around the weight of your past, people pleasing, and minimizing your own needs.

But everything gets ridiculously easy when you're finally able to be honest and accept the love & support from others instead of giving all of yours away.  And Then you can 'give back' without being resentful because you genuinely want to help others.  When you’re able to trust that something bigger than you (or I) makes the ocean tides rise and fall in a magical & predictable way, day after day.

And that’s when you’ll be able to successfully & happily LIVE IN this world.


Adopting these tools into your daily life requires knowing what they are and then practicing implementing them.  These are learned skills; we’re not born knowing how to deal with jerks at the grocery store, or how to shift your perspective 180° so you can see your part.  And sadly, we weren’t taught emotional intelligence or how to balance a checkbook in school, either.

That’s why so many of us are unhappy & the divorce rate is so high!

Most people don’t know how to be happy, or how to have healthy relationships.  So, trust me, you’re not alone in not knowing this stuff.  But, if you want what I have (ie. happiness and living in my Happy Place every day), it's time to buck-up, little camper!  As an adult, you'll have to learn this stuff and be responsible for yourself!  ↓↓

Which is what I’m here to help you do.

Plus, there’s a community of other women who can’t wait to support and empower YOU to create a happy and fulfilling life, too!

So, I call BS on all the social norms + beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to LIVE IN the world happily .... AND, we keep you accountable on your personal growth journey, too.

Yup, this is a journey, and we're in it together because ...


This is your chance - start your journey now & see if you're a fit!  Because until you take this initial step, you'll be staying right where you are.

I want to apply! (takes < 2 min.)

And that, my friend, is how you

Find Your

Happy Place in Life


A place where

everything feels right.

Where your heart is calm,

Your soul is lit,

Your thoughts are positive, and

Your vision is clear.


Where you're at peace,

with where you've been,

with what you've been through,


with where you're headed.


I'm saving a seat for ya!

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