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Released September 12, 2023

Episode #13

How Your Divorce Can Be Your Superpower! 

What if I told you that divorce could be the beginning of your most incredible journey yet? In this empowering episode, Divorce Coach Krista Young unveils the hidden strengths and lessons that come from the challenges of divorce. She passionately believes ‚Äď and will help us discover ‚Äď that the pain and upheaval of a marital split can be transformed into powerful fuel for personal growth, resilience, and an unshakable sense of purpose. Listen now¬†to¬†uncover how you can harness your divorce experience and turn it into your super power. Because, Brave Single Moms, your best chapters are still unwritten.

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The Authenticity Experiment Podcast

Released February 10, 2023

You'll hear why...

In this episodeyou'll hear why Krista changed everything about her life, and I mean EVERYTHING!

You'll come to understand the courage it took for Krista to file for divorce, the perseverance it's taken for her to find her Happy Place, and how her experience through this will help you to Find Your Happy Place in Life too!

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Social Media Events

Recorded August 15, 2023

4 Common Mindset Pitfalls Around Marriage & Money

Krista Young and Genevieve Anderson talk about the four common mindset pitfalls around marriage, divorce, finances, and how our life experience led us to helping others through similar situations.

Find out how their life experience & professional expertise can help you!

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Recorded June 1, 2023

What does happiness really look like?

Krista Young and Dr. Karen Osburn discuss what it means to truly be happy and find joy in life, how that looks in our daily lives, and what it means for those we love!

It's a discussion that few are having ... but everyone should! 

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